7 Ways To Be More Successful In 2018

The New Year is here and it is time to start living up to all those resolutions to grow in both your personal life and your career. From attending Dallas motivational speaking events from realnewsspeakers.com, for your business success to recognizing the gift in every person that crosses your path, here are 7 ways to be more successful in the New Year…

1. Recognize that the negative people in your office have the potential to make you even better than the people you like.

The boss who seems to hate your guts. The guy who takes all the credit for your work. The intern who always seems to get your coffee wrong on purpose. These people are here to teach you something. Learn what that is. If you do nothing more than strive to not possess the qualities in the people who drive you crazy, you will have grown as an individual.

2. Take opportunities as they come and seek out unexpected stepping stones.

We all have a way of missing out on opportunities due to timing. Try to find ways to make opportunities work without compromising too much of your personal time away from work. While you are at it, seek out unexpected growth opportunities like events that offer motivational speaking for your business success. Sometimes all you need is a gentle push in the right direction.

3. Keep learning.

Everyone has something to teach, so even if you are years outside of university, take time to learn from people around you. Even if you are a CEO and the janitor has been at the office longer than you, the janitor knows that company well. They know what works well and what does not. They also know how people are treated and what could improve. Learn from this guy. Make friends with this guy. He could make all the difference in your future success as a leader.

4. Do not be afraid to collaborate.

Far too many people are afraid to get in on a little teamwork because they fear that they will not get the credit that they deserve. However, some of the best things to ever happen in the world, happened because two people joined forces. Like Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream or the Wright Brothers who brought us the first plane, everything worth doing is worth doing as a team… and the good news is that you can still be an individual in the process.

5. Don’t be “that” guy.

Every office has a guy who complains about everything and seems to hate waking up in the morning. This person sets the tone for the whole office and if left to fester, they can take the whole team down with them. Instead, strive to be positive for the year ahead. Positive thinking not only improves your day, but it can also improve your health, helping to lower blood pressure and anxiety.

6. Remember where you came from and the people who dwell there.

As you grow in business, your network and worth will also grow. This is when it can become difficult to remember where you came from and those who supported you while you made your way to the top. Your wife may not understand the “bottom line”, but she was there for you while you were at the bottom. Make sure to make your relationships a priority. Do not work late every night or let being important at the office take the place of your role in the family. Your job will leave you when you retire. Your family will always be family.

7. Lighten up. It won’t kill you!

You may be rushing around to meet the demands of your job at the speed of light… but are you taking time to lighten up a little? If not, your health and your career could be suffering big time. Being over-invested in everything all the time can be really bad for your well-being and also detrimental to your creative process. Stress prevents you from moving ahead in life and getting things done effectively. A little down time can make all the difference in being a success and being a hot mess.

As you journey into 2017, take your common sense and your optimism. Balance your work and your home life – don’t wait for it to all fall apart… and take plenty of time to rest when you need it. Even though you may have a Google calendar filled with meetings, greetings and luncheons – remember, even hustlers need to sleep.

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