Finding The Best Scrubs For Men

Finding the best scrubs for men means looking at fabrics, durability, comfort, and style. There are so many styles and brands to choose from, it can be difficult to find the most suitable scrubs. However, if comfort, fit, style, and value are equally important, a few pointers can help you find what you’re looking for.

Looking For Men’s Scrubs?  Here’s What To Look For

Good Male Style

Some men may feel most comfortable with the traditional hospital style scrubs. The pants have a drawstring waist, no pockets, and tend to fit loosely. The kegs are more open at the bottom than other styles. The tops usually have one chest pocket and a deep V-neck. However, all men don’t feel comfortable with this style.

Scrub pants in the cargo style can come with an elastic waste, with an inside drawstring included. This type of waist band helps some men feel more secure throughout the day, with fewer worries about whether the drawstring will come untied. Cargo pant style scrubs usually come with at least 2 pockets, one on the side of each leg. There are styles with back pockets or front pockets as well. Cargo pant scrubs can come with either an elastic or open cuff.

Scrub tops can come in deep or shallow v-neck styles. The  sleeves are always loose. Some scrub tops for men come with extra pockets, so they don’t have to worry about having pockets in their pants. Some brands have a chest pocket and two front slit pockets. The preferred number and placement of pockets may depend on the type of job a man does in the health professions or on personal preference.

Regardless of the preferred style, men can find scrubs in the styles they want most. Some sets of pants and tops may not be entirely suitable. The good news is that with scrubs, pants and tops of different styles can be mixed in color or color coordinated, even when buying different brands.

Comfort And Fit Scrubs

Cotton is known to be one of the most comfortable fabrics for any work apparel, including scrubs. While 100% cotton scrubs are comfortable and breathable, it’s recommended to look for preshrunk cotton, so there are no difficulties with fit in the future.

While cotton is comfortable, some polyester/cotton blends can be just as soft and comfortable in scrubs. Some cotton blends are simply more comfortable than others. It may be helpful to read buyer reviews, before deciding on a brand of men’s scrubs to buy.

Best Men’s Scrubs Value

All scrubs are not created equal, even if they’re made from the same fabric. Good quality scrubs have durable seems. Look at the stitching if you’re buying scrubs in a traditional store. Avoid brands with loose threads and stitching that doesn’t look like it will last. Scrubs should hold up to hundreds of washes. Cotton and cotton/polyester blends can hold up to frequent washes and maintain their original fit.

If you find a brand and style you prefer, compare prices from different sources. Sometimes you can get free scrubs after purchasing two or more at regular prices. If you wear scrubs every day, it can be cost effective to buy them in bulk. Some institutions offer discounts by purchasing scrubs through their preferred vendor. But, this doesn’t always mean they will be comfortable or will be available in the preferred styles.

Finding the best men’s scrubs doesn’t have to be a challenge, if you know what you prefer and what you’re looking for in advance. You will then be able to narrow the choices to a few preferred brands and styles, eliminating much of the hassle of comparing multiple brands in different places. This is especially helpful when buying scrubs from an online retailer, where you won’t be able to try them on.

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