Financing The Construction Of Your New Office: Why The Stakes Are High

Financing the construction of your new office can be fraught with stress, if minuscule planning were conducted on the get-go. So the first lesson is, never forget to plan. The longer the time you spend on this crucial step, the lesser your headaches will be from now and into the future.

To begin, there are all sorts of mortgage schemes for building a new office building and it depends on what you, the business owner have in mind. For example, there is the so-called construction or self-build mortgage. This is the proper terminology when you intend to be your own contractor for the job.

Under this scenario, you will be hiring a construction company and subcontractors to complete the entire undertaking. The mortgage specialist will be the first to tell you that you will need either the progress draw or the completion mortgage. Time to brush up on all the terminologies having to do with propping up your spanking new office facility from the ground up.

Consider The Time Involved

Another thing to bear in mind is that becoming the chief honcho for construction will demand a great deal of your time. You might therefore want to designate an assistant or an employee who can help oversee things for you. If you’re an efficient manager, you will delegate in style with no problems.

The sad reality when a new office suite is under construction is that overall employee productivity tends to go down. Knowing this beforehand can help you avoid the pitfall. The crux of the matter is that no matter how much you will delegate, the construction undertaking can still eat up your precious time.

Do You Have A Contingency Fund?

Part of the planning is setting aside a contingency fund, which should roughly be about 15% of the entire budget. This is one thing you can never go without. Foregoing the allocation will be like doing acrobatics up in the air without a safety net down below.

In construction, anything can happen. No matter how well you plan, changes can creep into the project. Some unforeseen circumstance without funding to back it up may cripple progress. In addition to depending on the inputs of your business accountant, you will need to get your bank’s representative actively involved.

Can Your Business Afford This?

Your banker is likely to be the first to disclose if your enterprise is financially healthy to afford a new building at the point in time. A business plan solely for the purpose of construction will be imperative. Having one can also help you identify opportunities that the new facility may bring. For instance, additional revenue streams may be realized from the building.

This might not be apparent without a thorough look at the new activity and examining it from all angles. Aside from designating yourself as the contractor, another option is to purchase a turn-key office. Under this scenario, you are still looking at a new facility, but you are not the contractor.

In fact, another contractor has designed the property ahead of you, based on his or her own specifications. Going turn-key gives you the rare privilege of not having to invest too much of your time  in the construction phase. The property comes ready-made so you can start moving in very quickly.

You might say that it would be next to impossible to find a new structure that meets all your business needs and requirements. However, the ready-made solution does come up. Indeed, there are contractors who build structures like RTW.

For this purpose, the types of mortgage choices are the same as when you are the contractor yourself.  However, finding what is known as the “take-out” approach attractive, you will be needing only a completion mortgage. This alternative is similar to buying a new condo or town house.

Finding yourself dead set on self-building despite the presence of other alternatives, the facts must be absolutely clear to you, mortgage-wise. Remember that the bank will be releasing the money in installments. To illustrate, you will initially be loaned the funds to buy the land. The rest of the payments will be spread out at different stages of the construction.

Amid all the financial considerations, your bank needs to be involved from the beginning all the way to the end of the project. You must never make the mistake of getting them involved in the finances later in the game, or else, you and your business will be the ones to suffer the consequences. Finally, avoid last-minute changes at all cost.

These changes are known to cost the heaviest in financing the construction of your new office. If extensive, proper and adequate planning was indeed undertaken, there is no reason why the last minute conundrum will come up in the first place.

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Choosing The Correct Sales Leadership Training Program

When it comes to picking the ideal sales training package for your staff, it could be actually challenging. You need to strike a balance in between offered funds and the quality of the program. Sometimes you might go for one-day training seminars, whereas on other days you might need an extensive program – this is the case before the launch of a whole brand-new project. But, in each category and spending plan, there are lots of programs for you to pick from.

For that reason, you need to assess the requirements and requirements of the program before you set out to find that perfect program. Typically organizations have workshops establish and they simply babble the very same things over and over again for brand-new customers. However, if you want the program to be particular to meet your organization requirements, you’re going to have to find an affordable organization that does this at a decent rate.

Usually businesses send their staff members for sales business training seminars – because, most services are simply attempting to get their sales rate greater. These training programs will assist your staff members in their interaction with prospective consumers and thus the changes of them developing into clients would be much greater.

If such sales training programs are truly well planned, they would deal with whatever right from picking staff for a specific function to training them to accomplish predefined objectives.

Sales training is by far the most popular corporate training program; nevertheless, another favorite is that of team structure. Unless your workers work together, there’s certainly not going to be any way for your business to succeed. Therefore, developing the team spirit ought to be on top of your list.

But, if team building training programs are going to achieve success, they need to be well planned so that team members start to rely on each other and accept one another for what they are. By doing this, your staff members would be able to operate in a synergistic environment.

Another popular corporate training program is that of leadership training. These seminars are focused on a couple of selected individuals. Throughout these programs, individuals are trained to comprehend the problems faced by their subordinates and the best ways to handle them in addition to developing team spirit among staff working under them. For that reason, if your organization needs effective supervisors, you’re going to have to choose the ideal corporate training service that offers leadership training.

There are lots of other sort of training programs as well, it is your duty to choose exactly what you want to teach your employees and accordingly book a corporate training program.

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Setting Your Marketing Budget

marketing budget

Marketing is an essential element each business has to undertake to remain successful and relevant in the market. Marketing promotes the products of the business by creating awareness concerning the existence of the business. It is also an opportunity for the business to let their customer know of the goods or services available, where to get them and at what price. However, the business has to get value for the money invested in marking activities. The only sure way to ensure value is making your marketing budget within your means. Several issues must be considered when setting your marketing budget as discussed here.

Focus on the big picture

The first step is realizing that a one–fit–all marketing budget will not work for your business, as each business is unique and with differing needs. Additionally, the fast changing business environment requires a unique approach each time. When coming up with your marketing budget, your focus should not only be the money but should also be on the time spent in planning and execution of the relevant marketing activities. A holistic approach will require you to coin the correct value proposition for the products. The budget should be able to turn the value proposition to actual demand for the products. Therefore, when budgeting consider the marketing activities where it is worth putting your money to generate the desired results.

Set objectives

An objective is a definition of what you want to achieve with your marketing activities, such as Dallas SEO services. The objectives differ with the life cycle stages of your business. The amount of money and other resources that will go into marketing will depend on the objectives to be achieved. Younger business or new products will require a relatively higher expenditure in marketing than already established, well-known products or businesses. The objectives of these two categories also differ. Younger company’s objectives may be to build an awareness of its existence while an existing company only requires reminding its customers about the products. Launching new products will require a heavier expenditure in more than one marketing initiatives to generate a sizeable demand. Existing products will require lesser amount since the customers are already aware of the products and require only being reminded about the products.

Your products complexity

Consider the complexity of your products and how these products will be sold to the customers. The level of complexity and selling means determines the channels through which your product reaches the end customers. The channels determine where you are to vary your budget figures. Complex products require higher training of the sales force or the channel partners. Such products also require printing of more explanatory material to give customers unlike the simple to use products.

Nature of relationships

Business depends on relationships forged with the customers to survive in the market. When developing your marketing budget, you should aim at a long-term relationship with all customers. This reduces the marketing costs in the end as it develops customer loyalty. The relationship should extend beyond the first time purchase. Therefore, your marketing budget has to support the efforts that will inspire and allow customer referrals and spur customers to make repeat purchases. Also, have in mind that it is cheaper to reward your customer’s loyalty than making non-customers to accept your products.

Select and test your strategy

There are many marketing strategies available for your marketing activities. However, the choice of strategy depends on the nature of your products. Only allocate your money to the strategies that rhyme with your products, customers, and your businesses infrastructure. Always test your strategy choice to determine its effectiveness. The evaluation should be done regularly to determine the most effective strategy to make a budgetary allocation.

Customer needs

When setting your marketing budget, the characteristics of your customers should inform the choice of budgetary allocations. Consider aspects such as how your customer buys as a way of determining where their buying process starts. Allocate your resources to the tactics that target the buyer’s personality and ensure the tactic makes the person your customer at the end.

Returns on investment

In the end, the marketing activities must yield favorable revenues and not massive losses. You should ensure that your marketing budget is within utmost 10 percent of your total revenues. The percentage may also differ depending on your marketing goals to be achieved. It may also be dictated by the life cycle stage of your product. However, in all cases always check and select the marketing activity with a high return on Investment.

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What Percentage Of Revenue Should Be Spent On Marketing?

aspects of marketing

When you own a business, regardless of what industry it is in, a big part of helping to make it grow, while also building a larger customer base is to develop an effective and cost efficient marketing strategy. The type of marketing plan that you develop will certainly depend on your specific type of business as well as your budget. However, it’s important to not spend too much on advertising, but you don’t want to spend too little either. As a business owner, one of your biggest decisions will be to determine what percentage of revenue should be spent on marketing.

Listen To Experts

While many people have their own opinions on this matter, leading experts, including the U.S. Small Business Administration recommend that business owners who are doing less than 5 million dollars per year in sales, and who have a net profit margin between 10 and 12 percent, should spend between 7% and 8% of their gross revenue for advertising and marketing.

Of course, there can sometimes be conflicting information when you’re trying to determine what percentage of revenue should be spent on marketing. For example, some marketing experts recommend that small businesses and new start-ups allocate 2 to 3 percent of their revenue for their advertising and marketing budget; however, this budget might need to be pushed all the way up to 20 percent for businesses that are in highly competitive industry. Other experts advise business owners to establish a marketing budget between 1 and 10 percent of revenue for their advertising and marketing programs; and increasing this base marketing estimate for businesses in high competitive industries or for established businesses that can afford to put more money into their marketing campaigns. Clearly, there are many different opinions on how much a business owner should spend for hiring a Dallas marketing firm.

What Are Your Business Goals?

How you spend this marketing budget will depend on your specific business goals. Of course, getting the best return on your marketing investment is an essential part of helping your business succeed. Whether you’re investing in social media marketing, local advertising campaigns or television and radio spots, you should have a clear plan for your marketing, including your overall goals. Making sure that your advertising dollars are giving you the desired return can help you determine where you need to spend more money as well as areas of advertising that you might want to reconsider.

Understand Where You Are Spending The Money

Once you have established your marketing budget, you’ll need to determine how it will be dispersed across various channels. For example, most businesses, regardless of size, will have both online and offline advertising campaigns. In addition to these two different types of marketing, you’ll also need to determine how money will be allocated within your online and offline marketing. Online marketing will generally include advertising on a variety of different social media platforms as well as banner ads, mobile marketing, and even online video marketing.

There are many variables that can influence how much money you spend on advertising. For example, even if other businesses in your industry are spending more, you need to set a marketing budget that is affordable for your business. Other factors that can influence your marketing budget include keeping competitive with your competition (if you can afford it), in addition to the fluctuations that come with introducing new products or the higher costs associated with starting a new business. In the end, you’re going to need to determine how much you can afford to spend while taking into consideration the other needs of your business. Sometimes, you’ll need to spend more, especially if you’re introducing a new product or if your biggest competition has upped their advertising.

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7 Ways To Be More Successful In 2018

The New Year is here and it is time to start living up to all those resolutions to grow in both your personal life and your career. From attending Dallas motivational speaking events from, for your business success to recognizing the gift in every person that crosses your path, here are 7 ways to be more successful in the New Year…

1. Recognize that the negative people in your office have the potential to make you even better than the people you like.

The boss who seems to hate your guts. The guy who takes all the credit for your work. The intern who always seems to get your coffee wrong on purpose. These people are here to teach you something. Learn what that is. If you do nothing more than strive to not possess the qualities in the people who drive you crazy, you will have grown as an individual.

2. Take opportunities as they come and seek out unexpected stepping stones.

We all have a way of missing out on opportunities due to timing. Try to find ways to make opportunities work without compromising too much of your personal time away from work. While you are at it, seek out unexpected growth opportunities like events that offer motivational speaking for your business success. Sometimes all you need is a gentle push in the right direction.

3. Keep learning.

Everyone has something to teach, so even if you are years outside of university, take time to learn from people around you. Even if you are a CEO and the janitor has been at the office longer than you, the janitor knows that company well. They know what works well and what does not. They also know how people are treated and what could improve. Learn from this guy. Make friends with this guy. He could make all the difference in your future success as a leader.

4. Do not be afraid to collaborate.

Far too many people are afraid to get in on a little teamwork because they fear that they will not get the credit that they deserve. However, some of the best things to ever happen in the world, happened because two people joined forces. Like Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream or the Wright Brothers who brought us the first plane, everything worth doing is worth doing as a team… and the good news is that you can still be an individual in the process.

5. Don’t be “that” guy.

Every office has a guy who complains about everything and seems to hate waking up in the morning. This person sets the tone for the whole office and if left to fester, they can take the whole team down with them. Instead, strive to be positive for the year ahead. Positive thinking not only improves your day, but it can also improve your health, helping to lower blood pressure and anxiety.

6. Remember where you came from and the people who dwell there.

As you grow in business, your network and worth will also grow. This is when it can become difficult to remember where you came from and those who supported you while you made your way to the top. Your wife may not understand the “bottom line”, but she was there for you while you were at the bottom. Make sure to make your relationships a priority. Do not work late every night or let being important at the office take the place of your role in the family. Your job will leave you when you retire. Your family will always be family.

7. Lighten up. It won’t kill you!

You may be rushing around to meet the demands of your job at the speed of light… but are you taking time to lighten up a little? If not, your health and your career could be suffering big time. Being over-invested in everything all the time can be really bad for your well-being and also detrimental to your creative process. Stress prevents you from moving ahead in life and getting things done effectively. A little down time can make all the difference in being a success and being a hot mess.

As you journey into 2017, take your common sense and your optimism. Balance your work and your home life – don’t wait for it to all fall apart… and take plenty of time to rest when you need it. Even though you may have a Google calendar filled with meetings, greetings and luncheons – remember, even hustlers need to sleep.

A speaker to consider –

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Top 5 Easiest Businesses To Start

Are you tired of your regular 9-5 job? Do you need some extra income, but find that a full-time job just isn’t the solution you need? Starting a side business could not only help you achieve your financial goals, but the venture could also grow into a fully-fledged enterprise. If you want something that doesn’t require a large investment or special training, you could choose from the top 5 easiest businesses to start.


Do you have plenty of experience in your occupation? If yes, there are numerous consultation projects you could do from home. The expertise you’ve built up throughout your career means you’re now a voice of authority in the niche.

Basically, you’ll need to know how to do certain things better than most. Also crucial is the ability to impart your knowledge to others, or to take on projects on a contractual basis. Networking is a vital ingredient of success in this area. You thus need to make a list of companies you know that could use your services, and get in touch with them.


As the dissatisfaction with the education system continues to grow, more and more parents are now opting to home-school their kids. And this has caused the demand for tutors to expand rapidly. If you’re skilled in areas like math, reading, science or music, why not offer your assistance to students? Besides earning yourself some money on the side, you’ll also find tutoring to be a hugely satisfying venture.

To get started, put up flyers at local libraries and schools, as well as online. You may also get in touch with local home-school groups, and offer your services. Once you get started with a few students, others will become interested, as word gets round.

Freelance Writing

Quality writing is always in demand. While competition in this area is currently fierce, there are far more mediocre writers than there are excellent ones. So if you have decent writing skills and wouldn’t mind fighting your way into the market, you could earn a decent income as a freelance writer.

For the most part, the ceiling for how much income you can rake in is limited by your ability, and the time you’re willing to commit yourself. Some of the lucrative niches you could get into include blogging and commercial copywriting. To increase your chances of finding work, try to align yourself with established firms, and stay persistent in your pursuit of opportunities.

Fashion and Tailoring

Fashion has always been a dynamic and ever-present element of society. If you’re a designer or have some great ideas for what people should be wearing, you could transform your skill into a side business. Why? Because people are constantly looking for outfits that match different occasions and styles.

To set up a fashion line, you’ll need a handful of ideas, plus a website where people can see your stuff. You could initially make the outfits by hand after landing your first few clients, after which you’ll need to scale up your operation as your brand grows. If starting a clothing line sounds like too much work, you could earn extra money by teaching others how to make clothes with small classes.

Personal Services

Some people don’t like the idea of shopping at the mall, so they prefer to buy stuff on line. Others, on the other hand, aren’t comfortable with either of these. If you don’t mind running errands for people, offering personal services could make you a tidy amount of money, especially during holidays.

There are various online platforms where you could sign up and find an existing client base. You won’t need much in terms of cash, but your credit cards will need enough available credit. To add to what you make running errands, use a card that offers cash-back rewards.

While no commercial venture is ever zero-risk, these businesses are quite easy to set up. If you choose a business that you’re interested in and put a good deal of hard work and dedication into your operation, you might be surprised. Managing your enterprise may not only transform your finances for the better, but it could also be the kind of challenge you needed in the first place.

If you are looking for investments in business, you can look at this Dallas investment bank as well.

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