Bitcoin Mentor Club Review (Make Money With This Course)

If you have been on the internet for awhile, you probably have heard the terms “bitcoin”, “cryptocurrency” and other related words. For the last few years at least, people have been making bank off this relatively brand new source of digital currency. This brings up to finding great ways to learn more about investing in these and making profits off them. The Bitcoin Mentor Club is on of these.

What Is The Bitcoin Mentor Club?

Have you even dreamed about taking that little $5000 savings account that you have that is not earning anything as far as interest and making some real money off it.  Maybe you have read stories about that almost 20 year old that put $100 in Bitcoin years ago and it’s worth many thousands now!  You definitely need to get on this train too and the Bitcoin Mentor Club may be your ticket.

I will also mention that a number of current members have seen up to and over 8000% gains in less than a year!

The main goal of the Bitcoin Mentor Club is to help take a brand new Bitcoin investor and have them profiting with their investment in just a matter of a few days.

How Does The Course Work?

It’s easy and straight forward – just sign up here for this course!  Opening Dec 11, 2017.

What Do You Get In The Bitcoin Mentor Club?

The Bitcoin Mentor Club is a combination of a number of different things:

  • Stay completely up to date with their flagship cryptocurrency newsletter.  Everything in this world changes fast so you NEED the most up to date news!
  • Education portal getting you completely up to speed on making the right crypto investing decisions.
  • Trading software to help take some of the guesswork out of the process.
  • Community to allow you to share ideas with other crypto enthusiasts.
  • Crypto Millionaire team of advisors.

Who Created The Bitcoin Mentor Club?

Currency trading expert, Cecil Robles is the man behind this product.  He has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry and author of “How To Profit From The Falling Dollar”.

He has been investing in bitcoin since 2011 and made huge profits from cryptocurrency in the last 6 years.  If you want to learn everything you can about investing in bitcoins and other altcoins, he is your guy.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

I have to be honest here and mention that the cost is fairly high, but at the same time I believe that it is very possible that it could pay for itself fairly quickly – assuming that you have money left over to invest in coins after paying for the product.  The cost is $1497 for two full years of access to their premium subscription.  If you have another $497, you can opt for the lifetime membership as well.

Does Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Really Make Money?

Personally, I actually invested in both Bitcoin and Litecoin and in just the few months that I have been doing it, I have made a small profit.  I’m pretty happy about it so far.  I can definitely see a good future ahead with my investments.

Bit Is It Too Late To Get Into Bitcoin?

Well, you definitely would have made a lot more if you invested way back in 2010 or 2011 but I believe that it is still a good option.  I believe that a lot of these coins are just going to continue to move up in value.  As of this writing, Bitcoin is over $8000 per coin and seems to be continuing to move up!  Pretty crazy when you think about how it started at less than a dollar per coin!

Our Bitcoin Mentor Club Review

Stay tuned!  The product is quite launched yet but will be very soon – Dec 11, 2017 to be more exact.  We plan to update this with our review when we have had a chance to go completely through it.

Ready?  Get the Bitcoin Mentor Club course right here from this review.

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Upcoming Forex Investment Courses

I wanted to put together a quick post to share some of the best Forex investing courses and software that I come across.

First off, I will mention a brand new system called Forex Master Levels.  It is launching very soon and will include excellent information on Forex trading and getting profits as quickly as possible.

This post will be updated as I find more.  I know it is a little weak right now, but trust me, some cool things coming!

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Forex Master Levels Review – Nicola Delic’s 495.27% Per Month Trading Strategy

When it comes to trading Forex, you can definitely make some huge profits.  However, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can also lose a lot of money.  Luckily, we have a brand new program called Forex Master Levels review that teaches you how to potentially turn just a small investment into thousands in just under a month.

What Is It?

Forex Master Levels is a unique Forex trading system delivered right to your door.  It allows people interested in trading Forex and becoming a top Forex trader with no previous experience to get the best and fastest profits possible.  Sometimes in as little as 30 days!

What Is Included?

This actually hasn’t been fully revealed yet but I am excited to see what exactly it includes.  I do know that it is a physical product that is going to be delivered right to my door though.  We will know more after Dec 4th and will update this article at that time.  However, for now, they are giving away some awesome info for free to give you a bit of a head start on the system before it launched.  Just click the image below:

forex master levels

What Are Others Saying?

Since this trading software is a very new and not launched yet, not much is out there for Forex Master Levels testimonials.  However, I do expect that there will be a ton of positive ones in the very near future.  Stay tuned, I will add them as I see them.

Who Created It?

Forex expert, Nicola Delic is the brains behind this amazing product.  He is well known for spending most of his time watching the charts, keeping up to date on the latest financial related current events, and mastering his Forex profiting system.

How Much Does It Cost?

The best way to find this out is to get on their email list and be notified when they launch Forex Master Levels.

Does Forex Master Levels Systems Have A Money Back Guarantee?

Of course it does.  Yes!

Our Forex Master Levels Review Conclusion

We hoped you liked this review of Forex Master Levels –  Check it out here.

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What Exactly Are Investment Banks?

We hear the term “investment bank” on a daily basis. These banks are vilified for their role in the monetary crisis and slammed for the revenues they enjoy and the big compensation packages for their employees. But many individuals have no concept exactly what they are or exactly what they do. Let’s take a look at the function i-banks play in the monetary services industry and the economy at large.

So exactly what is an investment bank? First of all, they are extremely various than the commercial banks we are all knowledgeable about. They do not take deposits like the retail count on the corner. Instead, they mainly help in the purchasing, selling and issuing of securities – that is stocks, bonds and comparable monetary instruments.

They help companies and organizations on “purchase side” and “offer side” activities. The buy side refers to the advising of organizations interested in purchasing possessions and securities. Entities that engage in buy side activities consist of personal equity funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds and proprietary trading desks. The sell side refers to a broad series of activities, consisting of broking and dealing securities, investment banking, advisory functions and investment research.

The core functions of an i-bank include investment banking – otherwise known as business financing – sales and trading and research study. Some bigger investment banks also perform other services like investment management or merchant banking, however let’s take a better look at the core three.

Investment Banking (Corporate Finance).

Investment banking can be a confusing term since many individuals use it to describe any activities carried out by an i-bank. More particularly, however, investment banking refers to helping companies with raising capital and giving suggestions on mergers and acquisitions.

The business financing department of a bank is the group that deals with a company to put together a going public (IPO). Or, if a business currently has public stock impressive, they may put together a follow-on offering, which is simply an additional issuance of stock shares. The business finance department can also assist business raise capital through private placements, which frequently include securing capital from private equity groups.

Must the ownership of a business look for to offer the entire business, the business financing department can likewise advise on M&A deals. They can assist identify prospective purchasers and work out a sale of the entire business. Similarly, if a company is in the market for getting other business, this group can encourage on acquisitions.

Another service that the corporate finance department might offer is the delivery of fairness viewpoints. In a fairness viewpoint, an investment bank will perform an analysis of a potential acquisition and render an opinion as to whether a reasonable rate is being offered for the target business.

Sales and Trading.

Sales and trading is maybe the primary service that an i-bank can provide. There are typically 2 major departments within sales and trading – institutional and retail. The institutional department buys and sells monetary items for institutional clients such as mutual funds, pension funds, etc. The retail department buys and sells monetary products for retail financiers. Stock brokers fall into this area.

The sales and trading department takes part in market making. Market making involves purchasing and selling monetary instruments in order to make an incremental earnings on each trade.

Sales and trading can likewise take part in proprietary trading. Exclusive trading includes a special group of traders who do not work with clients. These traders take on “principal threat”, which involves purchasing or offering an item and does not hedge his overall direct exposure. By managing the quantity of risk on its balance sheet, an investment bank can maximize its success.

The sales and trading department likewise engages with the business financing department on the issuance of IPOs and follow-on offerings. It is the sales and trading department that develops a book for a particular stock by calling institutional and retail financiers to evaluate the interest for the offering. They then price the initial sales worth on the day of the offering and start selling the new shares to their clients.

Depending on the size of an offering or the wanted mix of financiers for the offering, numerous investment banks might be involved in providing shares to the general public. This group of banks constitute the syndicate and are responsible for selling the shares involved in the offering.


The research study department is staffed by research study analysts. These are the people who often appear on organization news programs and talk about the efficiency of a particular business or stock. The function of the research study department is to analyze business and composes research reports that discuss their efficiency potential. These reports typically consist of a “buy” or “offer” recommendation.

The research department on its own does not create a lot of earnings. What it does do is affect trading volume, which leads to more fees for sales and trading. When a research expert changes his/her suggestion on a stock, numerous investors will then act upon that recommendation and the sales and trading team makes more in trading charges.

There exists, nevertheless, a conflict of interest in between research study and other parts on the investment bank. If an investment bank will release brand-new shares of stock for a business, for example, the research study analyst might put out a strong suggestion for the stock just prior to the offering, and the bank could get a better price and possible earn more charges.

Also, if the exclusive trading division wanted to increase the return on their holdings, they might have research experts advise a few of the stock they held as a buy. There are a number of locations where the research department could be utilized to deceive financiers and make more earnings for the investment bank.

To prevent these conflicts of interests, regulators have actually firmly insisted that investment banks carry out a “Chinese wall” in their companies. The Chinese wall keeps information about the investment bank’s corporate finance and sales and trading activities from passing through to the research study department.

A Chinese wall likewise exists in between the business financing and sales and trading departments due to the fact that lots of corporate financing activities include non-public info that could be utilized to beneficially execute trading methods.

A World without I-Banks.

Without investment banks, business would have a lot more tough time with raising capital. Also, the general public would have a difficult time investing their cash in anything besides a savings deposit.

Without i-banks, only very large institutions or extremely rich individuals would be able to structure the exact same financial deals that occur every day with an i-bank.

In other words, these banks considerably accelerate the flow of capital throughout the economy and enable services – and our cost savings – to grow more quickly. As complicated as all these activities might appear, they just scratch the surface of all the intricacies of these banks.

However the next time you hear that some investment bank advised on the sale of a business or created numerous billing dollars in trading costs, at least you’ll have an idea of what they’re discussing.

Looking for a great example?  Look at this Dallas Texas investment bank.

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Comparing Retirement Plans For Self-Employed Individuals

money for your retirement plan

Startups and freelance work are slowly gaining ground, especially with the Internet making inroads into different walks of human life. Though self-employment presents multiple benefits such as increased autonomy and flexibility, there are negatives to this line of work too. The biggest drawback perhaps is taxes or most people’s inability to manage them. Invariably, self-employed individuals end up remitting two times the taxes salaried employees pay; these include Medicare and Social Security taxes. The other disadvantage is there isn’t any proper or organized employee benefit plan such as a retirement and health insurance plan, which is usually associated with a conventional job. Fortunately, there is light at the end of this tunnel, in the form of retirement plans. Let’s take a look at and do a comparison of retirement plans for self employed individuals.

Solo 401(k)

Solo 401(k) is a solid option for entrepreneurs and their better halves who can set aside a substantial amount of their income. As an employee, you could stash away a maximum of $16,500. As an employer, you could contribute an additional 25 percent of the compensation, which includes your employee contribution. In case you are 50 years or more, the ceiling for your contribution would be heightened.

Basically, the plan is popular for it generous contribution limits. In case there is an annual or set-up fee, the contribution limits would be low. You could pay a minor set-up fee, in addition to a yearly fee. And these contribution sums are not mandatory, meaning you could go all out during flush years and skimp during leaner periods. In case you have an IRA that’s being funded from the 401(k) of your previous employer, then those retirement savings could be rolled into your fresh solo 401(k). Certain accounts provide a Roth option too.

Also, it’s possible to draw a loan or borrow money against solo 401(k). This option comes in handy when you need some money quickly. Generally, the loan available is up to 50 percent of the account balance, and the maximum repayment period is 5 years. However, such borrowing is not advisable unless there’s an emergency scenario. But the fact that you have the option would provide you some psychological comfort.

There are also other options that allow you to rollover your 401K into gold or silver.

The downside to a solo 401(k) is that only the business owner and his/her spouse could participate in the plan. This, as a result, makes the plan less feasible if you are still at a day job. If you’re contributing to an employee 401(k), you probably might be saving significantly already.

SEP-IRA (Simplified Employee Pension)

SEP-IRA is the next plan we shall talk about in this comparison of retirement plans for self employed individuals. A SEP-IRA is ideal if your business comprises just you and not too many people. SEP-IRA, or simplified employee expansion, takes a basic approach to set pretax savings aside. The upper limit for the contribution is 25 percent. However, a SEP-IRA is not a Roth IRA.

The best part about SEP-IRA is that account-funding is not needed until return has been filed. This means if your net earnings are higher than expectations, you can contribute more and truncate your tax bill. The contribution could be reduced in case the year gone by was bad. Another benefit to this plan is that your SEP contributions would not interfere with your existing workplace plan if you are setting up a fresh secondary business while still being employed where you’re contributing toward a 401(k) plan.

The downside to an SEP-IRA is its cost, especially if you have a team of full-time employees. Cost won’t be an issue if you have contract workers on-board as the money invested in an SEP would count as employer contribution. The percentage contributions should be the same for all workers on roll, or those people who are 21 years and older and have been your employees for at least the last three years. Generally, contributions made every year to the SEP-IRA of each employee can be deducted. If you’re self-employed, the contributions made every year could be deducted to your own plan.

Simple IRA

A simple IRA is specifically designed for self-employed people and small businesses. If there are not many (less than 10) employees working for you, who aren’t making anywhere close to six figures, and you would like to present them a retirement plan, a simple IRA is probably what you need. This retirement plan was basically devised for companies whose employee strength is not more than 100. With this plan, the contributions are tax-deductible. Moreover, the investments would grow tax-deferred until withdrawals are made in retirement.

In case your entity is a budding firm, a simple IRA could be slightly burdensome. Generally, the contributions made must be the salary reduction contributions of each employee, regardless of what the employee’s contributions are. The best thing about this IRA is simple paperwork, which can be wrapped up in less than 15 minutes. Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t work for people who are moonlighters or doing two jobs at a time. Also, withdrawing funds from this IRA within a couple years of setup, the 25 percent penalty would be significantly more than the 10 percent fee you would get charged for having withdrawn early from an SEP-IRA.

Roth or Traditional IRA

This IRA plan is open to all with earned income; but Roth IRAs come with earning limits. An IRA could be used in conjunction with other plans. However, the traditional IRA contributions sum you could subtract from your taxes could be reduced. In case you’re quitting your job to launch your own venture, your old 401(k) could also be rolled into an IRA.

A Roth IRA is ideal if you prefer to be simple with things. Or perhaps you have just started your career and you do not have significant amount of money to set aside. An IRA turns out a great option in such cases. A traditional IRA is likely the simplest route for self-employed individuals to kick-start their retirement savings. You would only have to open an IRA online and report the contributions made each year on your return. There aren’t any special filing requisites, and most importantly a Roth IRA could be used whether you have employees or not.

DW Bobst

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CPA Services Are Essential For Community Association Management

Although the consensus of community associations are non-profit entities, financial transactions are still happening all the time. Therefore, the utilization of professional accountants is undeniable. Along with carrying out the financial transactions according to law, the services offered by a CPA help the association management to carry out the audit and tax requirements with ease. Professional accountants have become the name of the association game, and whether you are a profit or a non-profit entity, you have to have the services of accounting experts which can help you stay on the right track.

Audits and Reviews

The most common services the association requires in terms of financial matters are preparation of the financial statement in accordance with the legal procedures, and the audit of all the financial transactions. Audit does not offer cent percent security against fraud, but still, it can be an accurate measure of coming across the authenticity and legality of all the financial transactions for a particular period. Only a professional accountant can apply the legal and financial rules and guidelines for reviewing and auditing the transactions. The clients get interested in funding the community only when the financial statements are provided, and if the association has the services of an accounting professional such as a CPA, then that community can enjoy an obvious advantage over the others.

For example, take a look at the following reviews:

Tax Issues

Not only the commercial entities require the services of tax analysts, rather the community associations also need to have the professional services which can offer the association helpful and meaningful advice as to what tax type to go with. This cannot be done without proper knowledge of the non-profit tax types and related matters. Considering the working of the community association, an accountant can offer priceless advice as to whether to go with the Form 1120 or the Form 1120-H. There is no clear-cut idea as to tax working for a community association, rather several aspects are considered before finalizing the decision. Along with that, filing a tax return can become a walk in the park, provided the association has the services of accounting experts.

Hiring an Accountant for Community Associations

When it comes to having the services of professional accountants, the association management needs to hit the bull’s eye by going with the services of professionals having ample market experience up their sleeves. Specializing in association taxation can offer the management a peace of mind, as corporate financial experts would require time to settle into the groove. Therefore, whenever you intend to hire a professional, ensure you keep the mentioned factors in mind all the time.

Concluding Points

As mentioned above, a community association is a non-profit entity, yet you cannot take for granted the benefits a CPA can offer. Listed above are some of the primary financial and taxation requirements, but the associations need many complex tasks to be done by the professionals. The community management need to have a clear idea of such requirements and should go with the professional catering to those needs in a serene manner.

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Getting the Best Deal Out of the Use of a Buyer Agent

Any person that is looking for an apartment, will often tell you that one of the better ways to get an apartment found, will be that of taking a little time and using a buyer’s agent for their needs. This to a number of people may sound like a lost cause, but in reality, this is actually a good idea. The reason that this is such a great concept, is because this will allow them the chance to get an inside leg in on the rest of the people looking at the same apartment.

This can also be of great use in the fact that this allows for a person to have a little better luck in finding an apartment that will meet all of a person’s requirements in relation to getting all of the amenities that they are seeking out. The agent can do all of the leg work for them in going from place to place in getting an apartment that will be perfect for them and their needs.

Since many of the agents are licensed to be both a selling agent as well as a buyer, you are able to many times get a two for the price of one special and make sure that you have only one agent that you need to handle all of your basic needs. This can simplify the entire process down to a matter of a few simple little steps. The more that is known about this, then the better that the end result will be for a number of these people.

While it is nice for a person to go from place to place and look at the different apartments that are offered, it is also a great idea to let the agent do a lot of the leg work for you. This saves you time that you might waste on going from one place to another to get the best amenities for their money. This can lead to the number being reduced down to a just a few places that you can choose from on a regular basis. These apartments can then be toured by you after your agent has set up an appointment for you to go and take a tour of the apartment. All of this will be important when dealing with a buyer agent for your needs of getting a new place to live. A little knowledge will go a long way in getting a person the results that they are seeking out.

Other real estate resources to check out:


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Using The Jar System For Money Management To Save Money

a jar filled with money

Everyone wants to save, but few have what they see as a simple, efficient method for doing so. The Jar System for money management is such a system, and one that can be applied relatively painlessly. The idea is to create six jars, either in reality or metaphorically, each with its own specific purpose. A small amount of your income goes into each of the jars, and that amount can be used for a purpose related to the jar in question. It is just a matter of setting up the jars and limiting spending based on those different containers.

In fact, we have a recommended product for this as well – just get a couple of these:

Click here to find these on Amazon

Saving For Necessities

The biggest jar is that of Necessity. Roughly 55% of your income should go straight to this account, and expect it to be the most dynamic. This account is for all of your normal outgoing funds, and should take care of rent, bills, and food. While the others are likely to gather at least a little dust between uses, this account will see quite a bit of use, and so it should be managed the most carefully. This just means that a certain amount of care should be applied to its care and maintenance, and that you should monitor it very carefully.

Keeping Money For A Rainy Day

You should also set aside 10% for financial freedom. This can represent dealing with student loans or mortgages. It can also be used to allow for loans that may be taken in the future, in order to make sure that you have enough to cover at least a few payments. You can also use it to invest, both stocks and bonds as well as through a bank or other financial institution. This account can also be used to cover retirement; you would be surprised how quickly even a few dollars a month can add up.

Keeping Money For Education

Another way to get ahead is through education, and so you should set aside 10% for educational purposes. This can be almost anything that allows to learn more tricks as well as give you a more rounded skillset. Obviously this includes higher education, but it can also include books, compact disks, even internet learning programs; this is is a wide umbrella that can cover a wide variety of educational purposes.

Don’t Forget Entertainment

You can also plan ahead for a little relaxation. The play jar is another 10%, and can be used to just relax and play. This can be used for movie rentals, eating out, or just about anything that allows you to relax and enjoy yourself. However, this jar is designed for short-term most frivolous pleasures; there is also a long-term savings jar, also 10%, for any purchases that are a little more expensive but still allow some pleasure, such as large-screen televisions, vacations, and get-aways, as well as for any kind of home improvement.

Help Others Too

This leaves a final 5%, which can be used for donations. This can be used for charitable giving as well as loans that you do not expect to see returned. This small fund allows you to contribute back to your community and do so without breaking the bank.

It should be observed that each jar covers a wide variety of different uses and there is even a lot of overlap. This gives you a certain amount of lassitude when it comes to dispersing the funds, but it also means that you should monitor their use in order to make sure that you are not spending too much; this system is supposed to help you save, after all. These are also guidelines, and can be shifted around as needed. All in all, the jar system for money management method should be able to help you save money over time, ultimately making your life a little more organized and give you money when you need it most.

If you are looking to more help with your money, you may also want to step things up and find a good money manager in your area.

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Have You Been Thinking About Getting a Credit Card?

paying with a credit card

When you are first looking to establish your credit, one way is to apply for and get a credit card – even if it is a secured card or one with a very small credit limit. However, there are a lot of things that you should know before you go ahead with this. Once that card is in your wallet, it is easy to get out of hand and before you know it, you are holding a fully maxed out card. No fun.

We put together this list of resources that cover a number of different aspects of credit cards.

What Is A Credit Card?

It’s surprising how many people may not know what these are exactly! Take a look at this excellent article explaining this:

What Is a Credit Card?

Pay Cash Or Use Your Card?

Knowing when it is a good time to use your credit or to just pay cash is something that everyone should be able to handle:

Cash vs. Credit Spending

Knowing The Right Time To Close A Credit Card

When you have that card and have been using it for awhile, you may be considering getting rid of it in favor of another card or just going to pay cash for everything. You defintiely want to make sure that you are doing it at the right time.

Increasing Your Credit Score

14 Fastest Ways To Increase Credit Score

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My List Of Favorite Financial Management Software

financial software

Personal finances are complex. In our everyday lives we juggle budgets, savings, investments, business accounting, financial goals, and more. It’s truly no wonder that many often find themselves overwhelmed, disorganized, and caught off guard when the unexpected happens. In order to place organization around our finances, I’m going to break them up into three categories: Daily Finances, Business Accounting and Taxes.

Daily Finances

There are two programs, which I use in different ways to manage our everyday finances: and Microsoft Office.Mint

Mint® is a great platform to capture and compile bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, property (your home and auto values), and even track your credit score. It is also a great platform to track your budget and debt repayment, such as paying off your car as a financial goal. Mint will calculate the remaining payments, as well as how long it will take you to pay off that car, based on your current or additional payments. Mint will even send you a monthly email update regarding your progress.

One of my favorite features within Mint is the charting, which provides you with your monthly spending and net income in a pie or bar chart. The charts are easy to read and great to follow if you want to track your own money trends.

Ultimately, the best part of Mint is that it is 100% free! You can access Mint at, or within their mobile app on your cellphone or tablet.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office®is one of the most well known suites of programs in the world. Within Office, Excel®is the most valuable program, and one of the most powerful tools you may use. I personally use Excel to manage our Bill Schedule/Budget, Debt Snowball (a method use to repay debt, which slowly builds momentum, as with each debt repaid, one then has more money to place towards the remaining debt), and our Balance Sheet, which details our Assets, Liabilities, and combined Net Worth.

Secondarily, I also use Excel to track additional categories, such as: our emergency fund, college savings, net salaries, and combined interest on debt. Two areas, which I added and calculated for my own general knowledge, were the percentage of net monthly income that goes to bills, and the percentage of net yearly income that goes to interest only. I even took it one step further, and calculated how many days a year I work in order to pay for that interest only.

I think the main reason why I endorse Excel, is that unlike Mint, it can truly be customized to capture and display anything I want.


Lastly, a 3rd option is Quicken®, which may be a little more comprehensive than Mint. I personally do not use Quicken; however, I actually had a friend of mine that wrote a book about how to make money with Quicken, so maybe there is more to it than I am aware. I’m not convinced that you would need it though, if you offset Mint with Excel.

Business Accounting


For personal businesses, Quickbooks® Pro 2015
(also by Intuit), is a great platform for capturing your daily business. Within Quickbooks you can track financial, tax and sales reports, while also creating invoices and managing expenses.Wave Accounting

For free small business accounting, Wave Accounting® is available for accounting, invoicing, payments, payroll, personal and receipts. Wave offers the majority of the platform for free; however, in order to receive one-on-one support, premium services must be purchased.


Freshbooks® offers one of the best accounting platforms for iOS and Android apps. Cloud-based and easy to use, Freshbooks has a great dashboard with numerous features that will save you time. Support is also easily accessible for new users.

The drawbacks to Freshbooks are that the main service only offers monthly payment plans, and may have limited availability on additional platforms outside of iOS and Android.



My dad has been telling me for years to try TurboTax®, which we finally used for our 2014 taxes. Overall, I found TurboTax to be very easy to use, as the majority of the questions it asked were clear-cut, and easy to understand. In the sections where I had questions about how to respond, easy to follow examples with helpful information were available should I have needed it.

We did run into an issue when I tried to finalize our taxes. As the vast majority of TurboTax uses a main dashboard to fill out your tax forms, for some reason, parts of the review section take you straight to the tax form and ask you to make changes or add additional information. I found this to be somewhat confusing. Ultimately, I mistakenly selected an option within the review that changed what we had selected through the dashboard and swung our return from receiving money, to then owing $500. Luckily, I was able to call and speak with a customer service support person, who was able to resolve the matter.

At the end of the session, TurboTax offered an option to represent us should we be audited. We found this feature to be a great option and added it to our package.

H&R Block

H&R Block® Tax Software Premium + State, is another option. It is similar to TurboTax for managing your taxes. In years prior to 2014, we had always used H&R Block. The software is easy to follow and readily available. A huge benefit with H&R Block is also that they have physical offices near you. In years past, sometimes our taxes required the assistance of a tax professional. It was convenient to have an office located nearby.

In summary, each of the programs listed above will be able to assist you with the management of your daily finances and financial strategy; although, it may require some trial and error before you find the best fit.

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